Atlantic Records

Mobile, UI, UX


Architect the iconic label’s transition to the next stage of music monetization.

What do Sean Paul, Lupe Fiasco and Phill Colins have in common? Aside from crowds of screaming fans, underneath it all, you might be surprised to find their media plans, websites and mobile apps all share similar DNA. As Digital Art Director, I worked with a team of Designers in establishing new solutions and platforms, designed during the rise of smart phones and itunes, on a mission to bring the label into a new era of music monetization.

The Approach

Optimization, Consolidation & Engagement

In 2008, the music industry was shifting. itunes was introduced 7 years earlier and the record labels were starting to feel the effects. The iPhone had recently been introduced and consumers were downloading music in digital formats while the sale of compact discs were dwindling. To combat the shifting market, we designed nearly 100 artist websites optimized for the new ecosystem and increased traffic by 75%.

The UX

Scalable, Modular & Social

Focusing on research and development, our approach to rapid digital design evolved out the era where flash websites reigned supreme. Shifting to scalable, content-managed solutions built on WordPress and social platforms like Ning, we were able to become more nimble and flexible. Ultimately we developed an optimized formula to drive more downloads and extend out consumer reach.

Beyond Web

As the technology available matured, I presented concepts for both Apple TV and iOS helping the label take artists straight into a fans living room or on the go…