iRobot Home Redesign


Over the the past two years the iRobot UX, Product and Engineering teams have spent time listening to customers, uncovering insights and mental models about health, cleaning and the home.

As a Design Manager, I led our team of Designers through discovery, definition and testing phases of the project. Our user centric approach led to the team’s shared understanding of customer needs along the journey, a guiding set of design principles and a brand new app experience.

The new app experience was built to foster trust in our products through transparency and user control. Additionally, insights gleaned from user research revealed a need to prioritize personalized cleaning to meet our customers’ unique home routines.
The app’s interface was designed in support of these findings. A new visual language and an at-a-glance architecture took what was once a rigid remote control to a now personalized model of the home, surfacing coaching and cleaning insights, voice control, smart home automation and user defined one-click cleaning routines called favorites.