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Defining A Design Approach

One of the most important steps in building your company’s design culture is establishing a design thinking cadence. My teams have found success in the iterative cycles of Discover, Define, Test, and Deploy (see diagram below). To meet the customers needs, a design approach should make space for discovery, and allow for cyclical iteration between […]

UX and UI – beyond the job function

As a Design leader, I help teams solve customer problems and help companies shape their business strategy. Throughout the project lifecycle, I encourage my teams to apply a range of design methodologies. Starting with user experience, tackle the big picture with discovery of the user journey, then move to realize and define the solution. At […]

Catalyze Collaboration

Transparency and openness are the key ingredient to high functioning design teams. There is no substitute for open regular communication. Short of an established process, two meetings a week with key partners will make a huge difference. It’s all about collaboration and bringing people along the journey. I’ve found it helpful to get teams aligned […]