Formative - Classroom Instruction and Assessment

The product and design teams at Formative work to reach new customers, and empower students and teachers to elevate skills and measure progress over time. For the past three years we have focused on increasing customer satisfaction(today’s NPS-Net Promoter score of 75) and growing the user base steadily to nearly 400k weekly active users.

Design Director
Over time the Formative user experience has evolved in support of customer feedback, experimentation, and the establishment of key success metrics including, sign up completion, first question created, first assignment and first response received. We observed that teachers who did all of the above went on to regularly use the platform.


We discovered new users who are shown example content right after sign up, go on to assign assessments 3 times more than the control. Leveraging Pendo and in app experiments we continue to optimize and evolve.

Teacher Experience

Recent user testing led to the discovery that content creators wanted a simple interface that helped guide them in creating assessments and didn't overwhelm the user with too much information.

Personalization and Customization

One of the major new aspects of the platform was a new home sceen dashboard that was designed to meet the needs of a range of users including, new users, teachers and school administrators. Users can quickly access important information, take priority actions and learn about new features.

Engaging Experiences

We introduced new modes of engagement including, slideshow lessons, teacher paced quizzes and flashcard practice games to provide students multiple ways to build their skills.

Student Progress

Formative tracks answer responses in real time making it easy for teachers to support students in the moment and retrospectively. We introduced the ability to tag assessments by educational standard, grade level, subject and format so our customers could generate reports on student and class proficiency against a particular standard.

Branding and Design

As part of my responsibilities, I worked with the product and marketing team to rebrand and establish new visual styles for in app UI, and marketing collateral.

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